Shopbyzmo is an online third party reseller. We are not affiliated with any of the brands we are selling in our website. We simply order them from manufacturers and stores and bring them in. We are, in the literal sense, your "personal shopper".

Shopbyzmo was establish in May 2009

Why the name "BYZMO"? Originally, we catered to baby items. Shopbyzmo was born out of our need to purchase clothes and baby accessories for our kids. Hence the name BYZMO - Baby Gadgets and Gizmos.

As time passed, our customers wanted more. They wanted us to cater to their whole families. We started shopping goods for their wives, husbands, aunts, uncles, and grandparents. We started shopping for other sellers. We started shopping for other stores.

In 2011, we, the owners of Shopbyzmo, partnered with Barbie Collector of the Philippines. We brought in hard to find dolls for doll collectors at affordable prices. From there, we were able to meet other collectors from different groups like Pinoy na Nagmamanika. We were introduced to a whole new different line of dolls...

Fastforward 2016, we now cater to wide variety of items. If you see an item online from any legit USA online store, we can purchase it for you. From clothes to shoes; to groceries and even chewing gum; from toys to books to crafts and more! . We even bring in goodies for you party needs! If you can see it online, we can buy it for you! Just send us links!

Happy Shopping
Lots of Love, Shop Byzmo